Sausage - Whiskey & Peach Bison-Pork Sausage

$12.75/lb. at Market


This is a raw product that needs to be fully cooked.

By far, the best method for cooking sausages is to first steam them in a quarter-inch of water on high heat using a pan with a lid. Once the water is cooked off, the sausage is done and ready for a quick fry or grill to finish off the exterior. Cibola Farms recommends this cooking style only.

Grilling: Putting raw sausage on the grill almost always results in overcooked dry sausage, unless you are cooking at a long slow temperature, which is very difficult to achieve as pork fat is dripping into the grill and causing flames and extra heat. We highly recommend that you first pan steam the sausages as mentioned above, then put them onto the grill for a few minutes to finish off the outside and impart grill marks. If cooking outside only, the pan and lid steaming works just fine on a hot grill.


A gourmet sausage bison and pork blend that is great for grilling, dinner, breakfast and even sliced and chilled as an appetizer.

Ingredients: Bison, pork, water, whiskey peaches (peaches, cane sugar, single barrel bourbon, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sea salt, shallots, white pepper, red pepper flakes, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.

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