Tenderloin Filet

$42.00/lb. at Market


A prime-cut steak like this only needs to be handled so that it stays juicy and tender and not overcooked.  This is the one cut of bison that can be cooked to medium-well and maybe even more, and still be tender.  Salt/Pepper or rubs that you find in the recipe section works well.  Heat should only be high to sear both sides for no more than 2 minutes per side, after which the heat needs to be lowered to cook the center without overcooking the surface.  On a stove top, this is best done with an oven safe pan to sear on both sides, then into a preheated 400 degree (F) oven until done.  On a grill, this is high direct flame heat for searing only, then move the steaks over to a section of the grill with no direct flame and use the lid and grill thermometer to manage like the oven instructions just mentioned.  Watch that the grill does not overheat beyond 400 degrees, which is very common if you just put the lid on and walk away.

This cut should be cooked using an internal meat thermometer that is oven safe, no matter the method of cooking.  These devices cost $20 and are critical for the best eating experience and are as useful a tool as a spatula.  The internal Fahrenheit temperature goals are:  115-120 Extra-Rare (Bleu); 120-125 Rare; 125-130 Medium Rare; 130-135 Medium; 135-140 Medium-Well.


Tenderloin medallion steak or “filet mignon” is regarded as the most tender part of the buffalo. It is a cut from the short-loin of the animal and is the muscle that surrounds both sides of the spine. It hangs between the shoulder and the hip socket and it doesn’t do a lot of work making for an incredibly tender cut. It is often compared to butter, for its soft, melt-in-your-mouth qualities. Tenderloin is generally surrounded by other high dollar cuts and can be used in T-bone, porterhouse and Delmonico steak cuts, but it is cut into its own special cut because of its cost. Tenderloin medallions are generally cut into 1.25 inch steaks and well suited to be sautéed or grilled.

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