Ox Tail

$7.25/lb. at Market


Generally Ox Tail is used for stock. The tail is a bony and gelatin-rich cut of meat which is usually slow cooked for a stew or braised. Ox tail is considered to be a “re-discovered meat” as chefs these days are not just using ox tail for stew, but for a variety of dishes. The meat of Ox Tail can be eaten in the same way that you might eat chicken wings.

When cutting a whole ox tail, run the knife directly down the center of the raised rounded joint section between each bone.  Trying to cut bone will dull the knife and your senses.  If the knife stops at something hard like bone try tilting is slightly to break through the soft cartilage.


Ox Tail is the culinary name that refers to the tail of any livestock animal that has the bone in it like that of bison and beef.  The bison ox tail is whole (not cut up).