Eye Round Roast

$9.50/lb. at Retail Market


Simple cooking method:  Oven set to 500.  Rub roast with olive oil, salt, pepper and dried herbs.  Put onto roasting rack in roasting pan.  Cook for 5 minutes per pound, turn off oven, don’t open door and let set for 1.5 hours or until digital cable thermometer reads desired temperature.  Let set under loose foil for 30 minutes.  Slice thin and serve with gravy made from pan juices, broth, wine and thickener.


Eye of Round is a lean, oval-shaped cut coming from the rump, which is made up of three major muscles: top, bottom, and eye of round. This roast should be cooked low and slow to no more than medium rare.  It is also a popular cut for making jerky.