Grain or Grass?

Do we have our bison on green grass?  Yes, the entire time until processing day.

Do we feed grain to our bison?  Yes, the meat herd has 1-2 grain wagons for free-choice feed as they like in the fields during the 9-12 months before processing.

Free-Choice Grain Wagon

Does grass-fed provide a healthier meat?  Yes, and the key here is that they are consuming green grass the entire time.  Feedlot meat is not well balanced as compared to pasture meat because it is missing the nutrients that come only from green grass pastures.

Does feeding grain make the meat nutritionally unbalanced?  No, not when the animal is grazing green grass pastures at the same time.  The balance of grass with some grain is what is found in nature, since grain is literally the seed of grass plants.  Omega-3 fatty acids for instance are lost in meat that is taken off green grass pastures and put into feedlots, but when you don’t take them off the green grass pasture, they remain present in high quantity within the meat profile.

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