Bison: Farm

Virginia Bison Co. produces bison using Sustainable management practices through a holistic approach to agriculture.

We employ Humane handling techniques and measures to ensure that all animals at the farm are comfortable both mentally and physically in an effort to produce a quality product through mindful and thoughtful care.

Virginia Bison Co. aims to produce healthy foods through raising livestock using Natural elements. While we do not aim for organic certification for a host of economic reasons, we are confident that the product that we produce and sell is far superior to alternatives that use current conventional farming practices.

We care very much about the environment within which we are privileged to be both working and living. Virginia Bison Co. makes as many Ecological decisions and efforts as possible in the mapping, planning and implementation of our agricultural endeavors.


Human treatment of all animals has been a core principal of ours since long before getting into farming, and we set out to create Virginia

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